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For Anyone. Anywhere. At Anytime.
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What We Do
The workplace is changing, we’re here for you.
Our custom, comprehensive virtual training program will assess, diagnose, train and empower your employees for long-term ergonomic health.
Personalized, concise, video training will directly address each employee’s specific needs wrapped with preventative, risk-reducing education and wellness.
We create a safer, smarter, healthier work environment for you; wherever that may be.
How We Do It
A highly personalized, interactive online portal for employers to administer ergonomic and wellness training at scale: wherever they're working.
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An efficient, self-guided work-site assessment understands the environment and injury-prone habits.
Instantaneous, personalized ergonomic training corrects improper posture and encourages proactive movement.
Follow Up
Automated check-ins based on the assessment and diagnosis to ensure that safety and positive practices are continued.



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Full Ergo Wellness Solutions Suite
On-demand ergonomic assessment
Personalized recommendations
Risk-reducing guidance
Preventative activity training
Stress-relieving wellness education
Personalized post-assessment user report
Real-time assessment admin risk report
Follow up risk communication

Custom Programs Available


To be the first in line for the next generation of ergonomics
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About Us

Ergo Wellness Solutions is a team of workplace ergonomics and wellness experts with a passion of properly positioning people wherever they work. With the evolving office, we saw the need for ergonomic evaluation and education to evolve with it. We believe in  properly and efficiently training employees on physical and mental health for their future. Whether your team is working from home, renting a workspace or in the office you've been in for 30 years, we've got you covered.


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